I’m a freelance video editor in the Los Angeles area with over 10 years of professional experience.  I am proficient in Avid, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro, as well as After Effects and Photoshop. I am primarily looking for Television or Film work, but also have experience in Documentary, Advertising, Reality, Travel, Home Renovation, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Beauty and more. Check out my narrative reel and sponsored content reel below, and stick around to view a collection of clips from some of the projects I have worked on.  Enjoy!


This is my narrative reel.  It has clips from features and shorts I've done including All She Wishes, Skydancers, What it Takes, and Time of Death.  I have many more clips from these videos and others below, so check those out too.

This is my web/branded content reel.  I've edited videos for Chase, American Express, Chrysler, New Balance, Shopstyle, Google, Olay, and more.


Here are clips from the feature films All She Wishes, and Chelsea. All She Wishes is available to view on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and other VOD services. 

The film, Chelsea, has been featured in various film festivals across the country.


Here are various short films, or clips from short films, that I've worked on in my time here in LA.  Time of Death is a spoof trailer featured on Funny or Die, What it Takes is a sports short that has been in various film festivals nationwide.  Souled is a dark comedy.  Our Single Lives is a webseries pilot.  Recluse is a horror short. And Wall Bra is a spoof commercial that was featured on Funny or Die.


I have edited web videos for various companies.  I've partnered with Chrysler, American Express, New Balance, Olay, Chase, Google, and more.

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I edited a Documentary TV pilot titled SkyDancers.  It went to some festivals across the country and was recently sold to Serverus TV in Europe.  I also worked on a non-profit Docuseries about getting better healthcare to different parts of Nigeria.  Here are clips from both.